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The Return to Food 8 Module Coaching Program Outline

This 8 Module Online Course is designed to be done from the comfort of your own home and is completely downloadable so you have the content for life.

Bonuses are added and the content is updated each year and you have access to those updates for the life of the course.

This course is the prerequisite course for the Return to Food Academy that enables you to become a Return to Food Coach. The intention of this course and coaches, is to inspire people globally to get back into their kitchens and enjoy food holistically, guilt free and with all the pleasure nature intended for us. It is designed to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, your body and the environment as well as inspire others by the joy and vitality you radiate.

The program starts with a free introductory webinar which you may have already watched if you are reading this now. You find it here; www.returntofood.tv

The Return to Food 8 Module Coaching Online Program Outline

Module One – A Philosophical Approach to Food 

Why a philosophical approach is a more natural than a prescriptive approach – this will be covered in the introductory webinar and reintroduced briefly in the program as the intro

The Philosophies – When is food no longer food? How to know what you’re eating is natural and how much of it you are meant to be eating.

Natures Principle

The Lethal Recipe

The Consumption Concept

The Replace Principle

Pick Your Poisons

***Bonus Interview with Charles Eisenstein of Transformational Weight Loss and the Yoga of Eating.

Module Two – The Mindset

Understanding your physiological disposition and why you are set up to win in nature and fail in a processed world no matter how smart you are.

Defining Disordered Eating and how to get back to a healthy relationship with food, your body and the planet.

What are the four Quadrants that determine what and how you eat.

Understanding HyperNourishment

Mental Tools and Strategy to fast track years of emotional work around disordered eating.

Module Three – The HeartSet

Why the Heart is SO Powerful in Motivating Change

The Heart and How to Feed it – Mentally, Emotionally and Physically

How Starving your Heart leads to Obesity and Disease

3 Critical Mistakes Diet Gurus Make that Keep People on the Diet Treadmill and how to avoid it. (quick recap from webinar and problem solve)

More Powerful than Knowledge and Information we discuss The Vital Role of Wisdom Plays in Healthy Eating

Module Four – Weight Loss, Disease Reversal and Energy Hacking 

The RTF Weight Loss Philosophy

The RTF Disease Reversal Philosophy

The RTF Energy Hacking Philosophy

The Power of HyperNourishment and how to Harness it 

Module Five – The Path to Holistic Living

The Eleven Stages of a Hero’s Journey to Health

Identifying where you are and how to Fast Track Your Journey

Exceptions to the Process

Your Tool Kit for Sustainable Holistic Living

Module Six – Listening to Your Body

Learning to Listen to your Body – distinguishing a healthy impulse from an unhealthy impulse

Decoding Cravings 

How to Re-engineer Your Body to Crave Real Food

Strong Body Ecology – developing a Heroic system versus one that feeds the Monster

Module Seven – Your Life Kitchen

Making the Transition a Wise and Doable Investment

Kitchen Audit

Shopping to Create a Natural Kitchen

Cooking Holistically

Setting up Your Kitchen

Making the Transition Gracefully

Eating While on the Go – the travel kitchen

Return to Food Recipes

Opening the Vault and Giving you Access and a tour of my kitchen in my Holistic Haven on Bowen Island

BonusModule Eight – Becoming a Return to Food Revolutionary

Everyone Plays a Part

Feeding or Starving the Monster

What Part Will YOU Play?

Leader – you have or build your own RTF Tribe

Coach – for those who thrive on one on one teaching, guiding and mentoring

Advocate – you don’t want to lead but passionately want to live and influence others by how you are applying the Return to Food Principles.

Living Your Return to Food Philosophy and How to Create a Thriving Holistic Business from it.

If you have any questions about this basic outline, please contact laura@jiivala.com

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