Sugar is a DRUG

Getting off it
requires a strategy,
not a diet.

Until recently, sugar has been too big and powerful to touch but now the mountain of evidence indicting refined sugar to disease is dwarfing that of the tobacco industry.

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About the Program Host:

“I was obese, sick and wanted to die, it all changed when I got off sugar”

Sherry is one of the most engaging speakers in the nutrition field with over 23 years teaching food and nutrition around the world and in respected institutions, including TEDx Tokyo. She is hired by celebrities, CEO’s, elite athletes, and billionaires to do lifestyle makeovers which includes helping them get off of sugar for good.

Incredible people behind this project who believe in Sherry and her ability to create a world's best product in the sugar addiction recovery space.

Other 'Get Off Sugar' Programs Out There

benefits-of-sugarI Quit Sugar

Sarah Wilson created an 8 week online program that has sold 1.18million sales at $150 AUS in less than 4 years. Her total revenue exceeds $150 million excluding book and product sales.


Alan Carr’s follow on from the Stop Smoking and EasyWay to Stop Alcohol is in development of a Sugar cessation program.  Over 35 million smoking cessation programs have been sold.

21 Day Sugar Detox

Diane SanFillipo has created a comprehensive 21 Day program that sells for $37-77US for her basic to premium packages.

JJ Virgin – Sugar Solution

2 week program created by NYT best selling author for $97 US that deals with the diet aspect only.  Her PBS special selling the program made $4 Million.

Why this program is different...

  • The SFC Program goes beyond diet – addressing the the underlying causes of sugar addiction.
  • The 8 Week Online Program  – will be delivered online via digital video’s, Mp3’s and PDF including proactive activities and challenges and a private Facebook Group for additional support and community.
  • Proposed cost of the program is $97US with two upsells for $47 and $97 making each potential sale almost $250
  • USP – The challenge goes beyond the physical and diet aspect of addiction but creates the easiest meal plan strategy in the market.
  • Program Delivery – launch date January 1, 2017, with sales starting December 1, 2016, split testing $97 and $147 price points.

There is a whole new genre of food documentaries exposing the addictive and destructive effects of refined sugar.

These documentaries educate buyers to the need for strategic programs to help people get off sugar.

“I can’t wait for this product to launch.

It’s going to improve the quality of life for millions!”

Ray Torresan

CEO Archive Digital

SIGNUP TODAY to be the FIRST to Register Your Interest in Sweet Freedom Program!

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