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We’re Pat & Roz, the very first Return to Food Coaches in Australia!

We’re passionate about getting families to return to the kitchen to prepare real food. We’ve been studying intensely what it takes to get children to love eating real food and have used our children as the willing test subjects, who now even request vegetables for breakfast, and we don’t just mean potatoes.







Here we are in Canada, in the Return to Food kitchen, making one of our favourite family friendly dairy alternatives that is so delicious and good for you that the kids will ask to make this with you.

Almond Milk

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As Return to Food Coaches, when you join the Return to Food 7 Day Challenge or the Return to Food Coaching Program through us, we can offer you coaching sessions and extra goodies to make your 7 Day Challenge and Coaching Program come to life to help you feel great, inside and out! What you’ll also love is, when you sign up for these Return to Food Programs through us directly, we have wonderful bonus’s for people who are drawn to work with us.


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