Hi I’m Chanci, one of the very first Return to Food Coaches.

I am passionate about teaching others how easy and simple it is to nourish themselves optimally – I take out the guess work and support them on their path!

I run Love Your Body Project events helping you to love your body from the inside out.

-Diets do not teach people how to tune in and follow their natural instinct and intuition
-They rely too much on willpower and self-control

-They are difficult to apply to our daily lives
-They don’t address the mental, emotional and physiological factors that drive us to eat what we eat.
Simply said – diets disconnect us from our bodies.

– I coach you how to listen to your body.
– I coach you how to have freedom from willpower and self-control
I coach you how to address the real reasons why you eat when you are not hungry.
– I coach you how to love food and nourish yourself optimally!

Check out one of my favourite recipes that will love your body as much as you love it!

No Bake Chocolate Haystacks

What others say about Chanci:

Having Chanci as a weight loss coach is honestly one of the best choices I’ve made, by far!!! I like to think of her as my Life coach, because she has literally changed my life…

Chanci has taught me skills FAR beyond the healthy recipes and exercise routines I thought a weight loss coach would teach! I have a new respect for food, An appreciation and love for it! I’ve learned to listen to my body, and I’m discovering why I eat like I eat. I am continuing to learn daily how to take the best care of myself! I am very grateful for the support I get from Chanci, and I feel blessed to have her as such a big part of my life!!

One of the things that I love, Chanci is always challenging me to look deeper. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, and with the skills she’s taught and is teaching me and her continued support, I’m confident I will keep the weight off that I have lost!


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As a Return to Food Coach, when you join the Return to Food 7 Day Challenge or the Return to Food Coaching Program through me, I can offer you coaching sessions and extra goodies to make your 7 Day Challenge and Coaching Program come to life to help you LOVE your body, inside and out! What you’ll also love is, when you sign up for these Return to Food Programs I have wonderful bonuses for people who are drawn to work with me.