7 Recipes for Life Ebook


7 Recipes for Life ebook is the most simple pared down what you need to know books
you can read in a day that will give you everything you need to know to turn your
health around. With 7 Strategic recipes you can add into your life right away to
start to ‘hypernourish’ the pounds and disease symptoms away.

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The 7 Recipes for Life eBook is a simple book not to be underestimated. Born out of Sherry Strong’s love of delicious food that just happens to nourish, energize and protect your body as well as do some pretty helpful and groovy things for the planet.

If you are wanting to start on the journey to eating real food, then these simple 7 recipes and the introduction to Sherry’s philosophies will help you nourish your body and eliminate foods that are toxic, addictive and literally suck nutrients from your body.

This eBook has sold online for as much as $39, it is now reduced to $17 as Sherry is keen for everyone to get on the path to wellness.

Here is a snippet of the introduction of 7 Recipes for Life eBook:

Did you know that most people only know how to prepare 7 or less recipes? It sounds crazy, but even those who are classically trained chefs usually stick to 7 basic recipes when in the comfort of their own homes, so for all those people who are mad scientists in the kitchen preparing dozens of recipes, there are many more who prepare 7 or less, and now literally millions who think that cooking is warming stuff up that comes in packages. Here’s the kicker—the stuff that people are warming up out of packages, ordering at restaurants, picking up at the drive-through, is killing them. I know this sounds dramatic but I have the proof and it will shock you.

When you start to eliminate the Lethal Recipe from your Diet you are going to notice some key things that will change your life.

The first thing you are going to notice is a lifting of Brain Fog, which means you are going to start to think more clearly, remember things more readily, and think faster so you will get more done. You won’t walk into a room and forget why you’re there—that is not a sign of old age, it is a sign of an impaired brain that can happen when you are eating this Lethal Recipe and you need to get off it now before it does permanent damage.

Your moods will even out and you will feel a deep sense of peace and calm more often. You won’t be on the rollercoaster of emotional ‘unfun’ park. Rollercoasters may be fun for some in a theme park but they are no fun inside your body; the highs are good for a while but the crash that comes from eating food that sends your body into a toxic slump is no fun, it is hard to recover from, and often sends you back to the very foods that caused it in the first place, keeping you on a vicious treadmill to ‘Unfunland,’* a theme park in Unfunlandia that will take your money and make you sick.

*this is not near Newfoundland just in case you were wondering.


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