Digital Hyper Nourishment Program


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Lose Weight effortlessly. Gain Mental Clarity and Even Out Mood Swings. Increase Your Energy by 100% in one week. End Nutritional Confusion and Discover the Right Path for YOU

Would you like to go from feeling flat, fat and tired to literally bounce out of bed feeling fit and fabulous? Without dieting or spending your life at the gym?

What if there was a way that by integrating the principles of HyperNourishment you could start to feel like the real you, you just know is screaming to burst out of you.

It is totally possible and faster than you think.

Holistic Culinary & Nutrition Educator. Food Philosopher and Chef Sherry Strong shares the distillation of over 25 years of study into a simple program, including videos and an ebook you can access instantly online in the comfort in your own home.

In this Digital HyperNourishment program you get;

  • The Seven Smoothies for Life DVD sells online for $37
  • The Seven Recipes for Life DVD sells online for $37
  • The Seven Recipes for Life eBook sells online for $27
  • Access to the Live featuring the Return to Food Webinar philosophy and Q&A with Sherry Strong $97

As the former Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne Head of Slow Food, Curator & CoFounder of the World Wellness Project Summit, Institute of Holistic Nutrition Lecturer, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association Conference Keynote Speaker, TED alumni & presenter and Founder of the Jiivala Holistic Culinary Academy, Sherry Strong is perfectly poised to be your guide and teacher to HyperNourish your body which leads to all healthy weight loss, energy increases, disease symptom reversal and mindbody clarity and cleansing.

This program which is valued at $198 is offered to customers for $37, over 65% discount. Take action and buy into a better longer life now!


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