Return to Food 7 Day Challenge


Now is the perfect time to Return to Food with the 7 Day Challenge. Discover what it is you need to know to get back on track and the boost you need to start your life today with energy, clarity, and serenity. No dieting, no drugs, no supplements and no fads or gimmicks, just real food. We show you how to transition from food that is killing you to food to help you live your best life and how to do this, deliciously with joy and without stress.

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Show someone how to eat, and

they’ll be on a diet forever.

Teach someone how to listen to

their mind, body and nature…


and they will develop a relationship with food that creates long-lasting health


This page—the words you are reading right now—represents the beginning of your food philosophy



The program I’m about to introduce to you is something that I developed as an accessible direct

response to the lies that diet marketing gimmicks and false cultural standards have polluted people with

for far too long.


This program represents one of the first times that a “Return To Food” style strategy with real support,

community empowerment and enriching education has been available at an affordable price!


Discover a natural relationship with food and abandon the constraints of a culture that restricts what we

eat and how we eat it.


The 7 Day Return To Food Challenge, is designed to help you discover the advantages of approaching food with a philosophical approach that teaches you how to build an enriching experience with what you eat.

This is really about:

  •  Understanding your body and it’s natural needs
  •  Enriching your mind with positive learning
  •  Making a choice by listening to nature
  •  And learning how to live instead of following a flawed methodology

And what you can accomplish…

  •  Without restrictive, unnatural dieting
  •  Without measuring the food you eat
  •  When you are kind to your mind and body
  •  When food no longer exists as an “evil” entity in your life


The Return To Food 7 Day Challenge is not a BootCamp but a MindShift process;

  •  No Diets, No Gimmicks – With the return to food, you’ll experience a holistic approach to

eating right that doesn’t revolve around measuring what you eat. Instead, you’ll embrace your

body’s natural needs and responses to what you eat.

  • A Philosophical Approach To Food – Real change starts with real education and positive

experiences. This learning community will evolve through online self-paced instruction.

  •  Open Your Mind, Emotions, And Body – If you approach food from a purely physical standpoint,

the success you can achieve is limited. Open your mind and emotions to a better way to eat.

  •  Embrace A Natural Way To Eat – By embracing nature, you’ll learn how to approach food with

the right mindset, “HeartSet,” and with a positive energy that helps you start and follow the path

to holistic living.

  • Never Diet Again – Return to food with a natural revolution that allows full health and

unrestricted living without ever having to diet again. Forget about the mainstream diet plans

that turn your life into a nightmare!


Each day in this 7 Day Challenge you’ll get:

  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • A Google Hangout
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Custom Meditation/Relaxation Audios
  • Recipes in PDF and video format (you can download right away)
  • Videos & PDF’s each day of the Return to Food Philosophies relevant to each day

Additional Good Things Covered

  • Recorded Q&A Sessions
  • Botanical Support Strategies for Cleansing
  • 7 Strategies to HyperNourish your body and brain
  • Natural detox solutions (without weird concoctions or starvation)
  • Natural Weight Loss through Harnessing your Instinct and Intuition
  • Recorded Google Hangouts for Q&A’s

This is the world’s first true Philosophical Approach to natural weight loss, disease symptom reversal, and energy enhancement program designed by a world leader in nutrition who’s been an avid student and researcher of nutrition for over 34 years.

When you shift your mind from a diet mentality to a philosophical approach based on healthy thriving cultures that NEVER diet and have almost NO obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, you start the internal process shift, that will in turn, create a change in the way you think and what you believe that creates a change in what you choose to eat.

No Willpower Required.

  • You naturally avoid the foods that will weaken your system, strip nutrients from your body and cause disease.
  • You give your body what it needs to cleanse, renew and build a strong body ecology to heal each day.
  • No overeating because you are truly nourished on real food, something no pill or potion can ever give you.

Most people are confused by diets, health claims and superfood marketing, this program is designed to help you navigate through the confusion to really understand and learn to trust your body, which always knows best when it is healthy and you are in tune with it.


Community Approach
Share your success with others on the private Facebook page created for this. As the global community builds, you can also ask questions and get feedback at all times of the day from people who are committed to your success. Share recipes, shopping tips, product info and epiphanies you have along the way.


Join me and a community who are ready to learn how to naturally create your personal nutrition strategy.

A 100% Diet-Free, 100% Gimmick-Free Food Relationship.

This Challenge is unlike any Bootcamp clean out the cupboards and totally turn your life upside down kinda challenge. It is a Mind, Body, Heart and Soul reset to kindly and lovingly guide you to a better way of thinking and feeling about food and your body that drives change from the inside out.

There’s no crazy diets, meal plans, counting or weighing anything. You won’t have to tip your life upside down or alienate those around you making wild changes. It is about educating you to know what is happening to your food, how that impacts your body and how to simply and elegantly return to eating real food.

If you are tired of being tired, sick of getting sick and carrying too much weight. If you want to be happy but feel like your body is holding you back, know that the process of returning to food will literally liberate your body, allowing you to feel energy, clarity, calm and a level of happiness not possible in a body weighed down by the toxicity of processed food. In literally 7 days you will get an understanding and experience of how good you can feel consistently, by taking care of your whole being from the inside out.


Join Risk Free

A diet challenge with a guarantee?

Let me take risk out of the equation…

You know what it’s like to buy something online. Sometimes, you’re not 100% sure if it’s right for you.

Quick example (story time) I saw an image of someone who purchased a leather armchair on Amazon

yesterday. They thought it was full-sized. Seemed like a deal. They didn’t read the fine print and when it

arrived, it turned out to be a chair for toddlers!

That’s why I offer a 100% money-back guarantee that you can submit up to 60 days into the program.

Sometimes, the best way to see if something is for you is to try it for yourself. With this guarantee, you

can try Return To Food at my risk!


Come join me and this incredible community and if you don’t make the transformation you expected,

just show me that you participated in the course and I will give you your money back!


When you purchase the 7 Day Challenge, each day you’ll get access to a new day in your membership site starting on the Monday following your sign-up.

In the membership site you’ll see a page like this;

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.45.53 PM






Click on the Green Return to Food 7 Day Challenge Button/Tab

This will take you to a page that looks like this;

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.48.55 PM









Then each day you’ll see a Button to click on to take you to the day’s content which will look like this;

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.51.10 PM



Here you’ll see at the top all of the Mp4 video content.

Underneath and to the left, you’ll see the audios which

you can listen to right away or download and listen to walking or driving (except the meditation).

In the bottom centre is the description of the day’s content.

To the bottom right section you’ll see the PDF activity sheets for the written version and content you can also download.


You’ll be invited to the Facebook Private Group where you can connect with other Challengers.

Also, look out for a video I’ll be sending you on some tips and strategies on how to get ready to make the most out of the 7 Day Challenge as well as a further look into the platform and content.

I look forward to seeing you in the Facebook Group, hearing about your experience and success as well as seeing any juicy recipes you decide to make during the challenge.

Thank you for joining and congratulations once again for taking a step toward healing your body and the planet!

To Your Health,



Please contact me if you have any questions –



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