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7 Recipes for Life Ebook


7 Recipes for Life ebook is the most simple pared down what you need to know books
you can read in a day that will give you everything you need to know to turn your
health around. With 7 Strategic recipes you can add into your life right away to
start to ‘hypernourish’ the pounds and disease symptoms away.

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Return to Food: The Life-Changing Anti-Diet – SOLD OUT


Get your Return to Food book Signed and noted by Sherry Strong. Chances are if you are feeling flat, fat and tired, or are experiencing chronic illness, you are not eating real food. If you want to bounce out of bed feeling fit and fabulous you must find out what is and isn’t real food. This book challenges prescriptive approaches to diet, eating and food, with a revolutionary philosophical approach based on science and studying the healthiest, longest living people on the planet. This approach has seen thousands of people develop a more pleasurable, healthier, and more sustainable eating lifestyle.