Happy 2016 My Beloved Return to Foodie!

May you have 365 Days of Amazingness and Awesome Discoveries.

(May you also forgive my excessive use of superlatives and exclamation marks!!!)

Here is my gift to you to start your year off with delicious wellness.

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Download your 12 Days of Wellness memeEbook

If you’d like to kick the year off with some gentle but life changing action, join us for the first Return to Food 7 Day Challenge this coming Monday.

Anyone who joins this coming 7 Day Challenge with this link, will receive a free copy of Return to Food and a ZoodleMaker valued at $45 (you just need to cover the postage).

Sign up for the Return to Food 7 Day Challenge here!


RTF Book Cover



Sign up for January’s Challenge and you get a Hard Copy of Return to Food – the life-changing anti-diet and my favourite kitchen gadget ever, the ZoodleMaker mailed to your address. (postage additional).


Plus, each day in this 7 Day Challenge you’ll get:

  • Videos
  • Recipes
  • A Google Hangout
  • Private Facebook Group Support
  • Custom Meditation/Relaxation Audios
  • Recipes in PDF and video format (you can download right away)
  • Videos & PDF’s each day of the Return to Food Philosophies relevant to each day

Additional Good Things Covered

  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Botanical Support Strategies for Cleansing
  • 7 Strategies to HyperNourish your body and brain
  • Natural detox solutions (without weird concoctions or starvation)
  • Natural Weight Loss through Harnessing your Instinct and Intuition
  • Daily Google Hangouts for Q&A’s that are recorded

Sign up for the Return to Food 7 Day Challenge here!