Holistic Business Mastermind

An eight month program to help you build and create a sustainable and profitable business that makes a difference in the world.


Studying Nutrition is the Easy Part...

Selling yourself and your business is challenging

What got you to being a nutritionist, won’t actually help you to make money as a nutritionist. In fact, the values that drew you to become a nutritionist, can actually work against you in business. Many nutritionists believe that:

  • If I keep learning more and have more credibility, I’ll get more clients
  • If I just make great instagram posts, clients will come
  • If I get really good at what I do, someone else will discover me and take care of the business side of things
  • I can do it on my own

Is this Mastermind Right for You?

  • Do you ever feel doubts about whether you can do something truly amazing with your life?
  • Do you ever get lost wondering where to start to fulfill your dreams?
  • Do you dream of being a respected leader in your field that is able to provide answers and solutions to people in need?
  • Have you ever thought that you have something special to bring to the world, that you are destined to contribute to the world in such a way that your life matters and you actually can live your life to the fullest and give all of your gifts?
  • Would you like to create high quality products and or programs that people love, that truly help them and they are thrilled to buy from you?
  • Do you love the thought that you can do what you love and be paid well for it, that money is not an issue and you have a constant flow of abundance and the freedom that it brings?

Trust me, it is possible. I’ve had all these thoughts, questions and doubts I’ve listed and more. I also know I also have the ability to help you get there faster and with less pain than I did.

This mastermind is designed to give you insights on how to serve the world naturally and be abundantly rewarded for it.

In this mastermind you are going to learn about the option of creating your own job, business and source of income by building a business that helps people and the planet. If you dream of the freedom that comes from carving your own path but want to explore it from an informed position then this mastermind is for you.

Would you like to create any of the following?

  • Retreats
  • Books
  • Online Programs
  • Summits
  • Cooking Classes
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Youtube Channel

Develop a Successful Holistic Business

Building a successful holistic business requires a special set of skills

  • A values based sales and marketing plan
  • Powerful speaking skills (on and off camera)
  • A strategy for multiple streams of income
  • A consistent content generation plan
  • Strong guidance from someone who’s been there and done it
  • Self management strategies to get you out of your own way, so you are taking action consistently

Live Coaching Sessions

5 Full Days Live Coaching Mastermind Sessions Over an 8 Month Period

Spread over an 8 month person you will receive 5 Full Days of Live Coaching, in person to discuss where you are with your business, and how we as a group can overcome any challenges you may have. These days will also include guest speakers and subject matter experts.

1 Half Day 1 on 1 Strategy Session with Sherry for your Business

1 Half Day 1 on 1 strategy session with Sherry in person or over Skype to map out a consistent income generation plan.

Monthly group Zoom sessions

This is where we get together as a group to access the mastermind and Sherry for no holds barred Q&A.

Online Business Programs Included

Return to Food Academy 

Where sherry shows you how she has built what she has built – speak powerfully on and off camera – successful coach clients.

Food Coaching Business Blueprint 

All the components you will need to run a successful holistic business

Cooking School Blue Print

Learn how to run a successful cooking school

Retreat Blueprint

Learn how to run a successful retreat

Product Creation Blueprint

Learn how to make, market and sell online products

Private Facebook Mastermind Group

Ask questions, network and mastermind with entrepreneurs who are going through the same journey as you. Keep each other motivated and share resources with each other privately. A high tide raises all boats!

This Mastermind Was Created with YOU in Mind

What you can expect:

  • You can start to create income while doing the program.
  • Learn to teach holistic food preparation in a truly engaging way.
  • Learn to live a truly holistic life both personally and professionally.
  • You will become a confident speaker on and off camera, essential skills for a holistic food coach.
  • You start to transform while you are doing the program and get inspired with others who are as well.
  • Create a business that is truly of service to others as well as you that brings great meaning and purpose to your life.
  • You can start to earn income in your first month of the program if you take action and follow the step by step models provided. That means if you are motivated you can have your tuition paid off before you finish the program.

Finding Sherry and the Return to Food program was quite literally an answer to prayer for both my life and business. It took me on a nourishing journey mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and I have walked away with an undeniable calling to be part of the Return to Food Movement. Return to Food is and will continue to impact people’s relationship with themselves, their food and the environment and I feel eternally blessed to have found it!

Chanci Dawn
Return to Food Coach

This Program Was Created by Someone Who Has Been There and is Still in the Game

Sherry is an award-winning, Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist, Food Philosopher. She was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food and the Co-Founder of the World Wellness Summit.  She has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and everyday folk like herself to transform they way they relate to food and their body.

Sherry is the founder and the creator of the Sweet Freedom Project – which includes a multi-media transformational platform dedicated to helping people get sugar-free naturally for life.

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