Food Coaching Business Blueprint Live

Create your strategy to make $70K+ a year through food coaching!

Vancouver, BC – December 9th 2017

Develop a Successful Holistic Business as a Food Coach

Use food coaching as a way to;

  • Attract more clients
  • Double your business
  • A lead generation tool for your existing business
  • Uplevel your present offerings to be more holistic and offer a greater depth of service to your clients

Spend a day with me working on your business to set 2018 as your best yet.

  • Discover Your Niche
  • Overcome Your Fears and Procrastination
  • Learn to Speak Powerfully On and Off Camera
  • Create Programs and Fill Them With Confidence
  • Learn the Most Powerful Marketing Drivers That Inspire Clients to Buy

Work in a way that supports a holistic lifestyle

Online Program

Module 1

How to Find Your Niche and Reach Them

Get clarity on who are meant to serve and how to reach them most efficiently.

Module 2

Cooking School BLUEPRINT

This is where I share everything you need to know to make consistent income with teaching food preparation skills. I show and tell you how I’ve done this in all kinds of venues around the world, on television, at host schools, on cruise ships, and in my own venues. If you follow what I suggest with this module, even a newbie can make $1000 in their first month by working it.

Module 3

How to Sell without being ‘Salesy’

Everything changed in my business when I learned to not only get good at but love selling. If you are sales adverse and want to know how you can actually enjoy it, this module is for you.

Module 4

Holistic Marketing 

Marketing and self-promotion are key skills that when you understand and implement the strategies, you will have people coming to you and I show you how when you do it right, it feels amazing.

Module 5

Powerful Authentic Speaking 

Speaking has been the gateway to almost every exceptional business experience and opportunity I’ve had. Most people feel that giving tons of information is what makes them of value as a speaker. It doesn’t and leaves people overwhelmed and confused, often to the point of inaction. Getting good at reaching people in a way that they say ‘tell me more’, or ‘I could listen to you all day’ and ‘how can I work with you?’ is the result this module is designed to cultivate in you.



Bonus #1

Packages & Products that Sell

The practitioner model is broken and leaves many holistic practitioners, broke, starving for clients or if they are in the 10% successful, stressed and afraid to take a break or holiday. The way to abundance and true transformation with your clients is to create packages and products that work to help people transform from where they are to where they want to go. This module will also cover pricing and content strategy.


Bonus #2

Productivity Plan

You’ve got a vision, now to execute. This is where working for yourself and from home is desirable for the freedom it gives you but unless you get effectively productive and not just busy, you business will not succeed. This module is designed to give you the framework to get what it is you need to get done consistently, so it affords you the freedom you seek in working for yourself.


Bonus #3

Building & Monetizing Your Tribe

This module covers how you start to build your tribe in your niche area and how to create consistent income by truly serving them.

This Program Was Created with YOU in Mind

Most passionate holistic foodies starting a business, have no idea how challenging it is to earn a decent living until they get started. Chances are you didn’t choose a holistic business as a get rich quick scheme, but you may like me, be overwhelmed by where to start, who to follow for the kind of advice that is going to work for your business and what steps to take that will get you there more efficiently.

If you’re like me, you want to make a difference. You notice how imperative it is that people change the way they think about food, and you want to help them and be part of the solution.

So, even though money is not your primary motivator, you want to make enough so there isn’t a struggle that can impinge on your happiness.

If you believe the research there is no difference in the happiness level of a person making $70K a year and a billionaire. Having worked with billionaires and multi-millionaires I’d agree.

I’m committed to helping you create an income that takes care of your needs and gives you a cushion that enables you to live holistically.
While I can’t guarantee that you will earn in the billions or even millions of dollars range, I can promise to tell you exactly what I did to make $70K+ annually as a food coach. Additionally, I will show you how to apply key principles to your business and get cash flowing in immediately. (Of course, if you’re willing to work harder and smarter than I did, you’ll do even better.)

Why Am I the Food Coach's COACH?

As a food philosopher who developed a multi-media career returning to Canada after 22 years in Australia on an intuitive hunch, I soon realized that my new bliss and ‘Shero’s Journey’ was to to teach people to become Return to Food Coaches and Holistic Entrepreneurs, to follow their own unique path but with guidance from someone who’s been there before who can save them time, money, struggle and frustration by being their trusted advisor and wise counsel. Everything in my first 44 years on the planet led to this moment 4 years ago when I realized what it is I’m here on earth to do.

No matter where you are on your holistic health journey, you can be of service to others all the while getting stronger, healthier, fitter and more of who you truly are and meant to be.

What Makes Return to Food the Right Health Coaching Program for You?

You are a Passionate Holistic Foodie

You are inspired at the thought of waking up everyday with clients who’s lives you change.

You want to really make a difference with your clients not just by telling them what to eat but showing them how to eat, not diet and truly transform your lives.

With the Return to Food Academy, we get you in the kitchen learning, teaching and inspiring people to develop a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet, not by talking about food but by actually showing them how to interact with food in the healthiest, most inspiring way possible.

This is the only food coaching certification program with a 7 day Residential Retreat where you are in a holistic retreat setting, preparing and eating 100% organic and biodynamic food while immersed in a truly inspiring course that works on developing you personally and professionally. Between the food, meditation, yoga, nature hikes, surprise gifts, pie-yaking (kayaking with organic pie) and the transformation you go through, this 7 days was regarded by many attendees as the best week of their entire life. You get to hang out with me for 7 days where you will experience a transformation and an elevation in your vibrational resonance. You will see first hand the possibilities for what your life and holistic business will look and feel like. As we will have 5 months of working together before the retreat you will already feel like you are family when we actually meet in person, that is the kind of family you get on famously with ;-).

Do you…..

  • have big dreams of being wildly successful by no one else’s terms but your own?
  • ever feel doubts about whether you can do the thing you want to do?
  • ever struggle feeling good enough to be the person people look up to?
  • get lost wondering where to start to fulfill your dreams?
  • dream of being a respected leader in your field that is able to provide answers and solutions to people in need?
  • want to create high quality products and or programs that people love and are thrilled to buy from you?
  • get stuck in overwhelm wondering how you are going to do what it is you need to do to get to where you want to be?
  • want to give back to the world, be the change you wish to see and help heal the world and those who live here?
  • think that you have something special to bring to the world, that you were destined to contribute to the world in such a way that your life mattered and you actually lived your life to the fullest and gave all of your gifts?
  • love the thought that you can do what you love and be paid well for it, that money is not an issue and you have a constant flow of abundance and the freedom that it brings?

It doesn’t end there though, the week finishes with a professional, hair and make up session and photo shoot as well as professionally directed, shot and edited videos filmed in the Return to Food Kitchen. This is something that would cost you thousands alone to have done and is all part of the Return to Food Academy Platinum Experience.

We get YOU into the kitchen, so You can get your Clients where the Most Powerful Transformations take place!

For many years I’ve been amazed at how little food preparation and teaching experience, health coaching and nutrition programs give students. This leaves graduates limited in the success they will have with clients in their health and food coaching.

Video Testimonials

Here are some key features of the program.

  • You can start to create income while doing the program.
  • Learn to teach holistic food preparation in a truly engaging way.
  • Learn to live a truly holistic life both personally and professionally.
  • You will become a confident speaker on and off camera, essential skills for a holistic food coach.
  • You start to transform while you are doing the program and get inspired with others who are as well.
  • Create a business that is truly of service to others as well as you that brings great meaning and purpose to your life.
  • You can start to earn income in your first month of the program if you take action and follow the step by step models provided. That means if you are motivated you can have your tuition paid off before you finish the program.

Finding Sherry and the Return to Food program was quite literally an answer to prayer for both my life and business. It took me on a nourishing journey mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and I have walked away with an undeniable calling to be part of the Return to Food Movement. Return to Food is and will continue to impact people’s relationship with themselves, their food and the environment and I feel eternally blessed to have found it!

Chanci Dawn
Return to Food Coach

Are you ready to get started?

Located in Vancouver BC Canada

December 9th

9 AM to 5 PM

CSNN Vancouver

2245 W Broadway #100,

Vancouver, BC

V6K 2E4

Still Have Questions?


Is this a certification course?

Yes, the FCBB is a prerequisite course for Sherry’s Return to Food Academy Platinum course.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion for the Food Coaching Business Blueprint

How does this course differ from other business courses?

This is specifically for people building a holistic business wanting to add food coaching to their offerings. The principles will apply to many different conscious businesses.

Who is this course ideally for?

People who are passionate about making a difference in the world and willing to put in the work to build a business.

Who is this not suited for?

People looking for a plug and play instant solution to making their business work, you will learn what you need to do and what you don’t need to do but you will need to work your business to make it successful.

How can this program save me money?

There are so many expenses when starting a business. Sherry has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over 3 decades in learning development and business infrastructure so she has a clear idea of what you do and don’t need.

Do you offer a refund?

If at the end of the live day you do not wish to continue with the online course, you can request a 50% refund.

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