Sherry gets that I have an extremely active and busy life that doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter quick fix prescriptive approach. She tailors her work to suit my life. Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense and so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.

W. Brett Wilson

Thank you for delivering such an entertaining presentation….the response has been 100% positive, with comments like “Sherry’s presentation made the effort to get out of bed more worthwhile.’ ‘Sherry is an excellent speaker – intelligent, witty and logical.’ And ‘Excellent! The presentation was motivating and entertaining!’ You certainly have raised the bar.

Kate Wilkins – CPA AustraliaMember Relations Executive

Thanks for presenting at our recent conference, Sherry. I received excellent feedback from numerous delegates about both your plenary and workshop sessions. They LOVED the cooking demonstration, particularly with the involvement of Daniel and Brian and the smell of the cooking food directly before lunch! Your presentations were a little out of the box for our conference, as most of the sessions were about financial planning, however you were incredibly well received. Injecting your personality and humour into the presentation was excellent! Our delegates acknowledged that their own health and well being – and that of their staff and clients – is of critical importance and your presentations provided them with a refreshing point of view on the topic. Some delegates are interested in discussing the opportunity for you to present for their staff and clients as a result. From a personal perspective, I took away a lot from your presentation and now consider my food choices much more carefully and look for quality rather than value for money. Thanks again, Sherry!

Linda MorrisonLonsdale Financial Group Ltd

Your work was right on the money, you worked to the brief, you had them laughing, thinking and inspired to act on the information. You are still a conversation topic at lunch time. You captivated the audience …they were hanging on your every word…we are looking forward to having you present in the upcoming months.

Kristi Russell – FostersExecutive Development CUB Finance

Sherry was awe-inspiring and really funny, relevant to us both personally and professionally, informative, motivating, practical and entertaining. What an eye opener… easily understood with some simple tips to take on board….I would recommend her without hesitation.

Lisa Cahill – The Body ShopNational Retail Manager

Your professionalism and commitment to providing a first class presentation made our event successful as well as enjoyable. The participants were captivated by your lively, entertaining and motivating session.

Anne Shields – OricaOccupational Health Consultant

Brilliant session. in your presentation you were most giving in sharing of your personal story, your hints and instructions on good eating, your delicious food samples and the recipes which made for a well rounded presentation that had everyone involved and enjoying the experience.. haven’t got over your sensational Canadian ‘Call of the Wild’ it creates a freedom and space at the start of the presentation that frees up everyone who hears it to leave their inhibitions behind.

TelstraExecutive Support

On behalf of the North West Region of Business Managers I wish to congratulate you on your lively, entertaining and motivating presentation.. our audience particularly enjoyed your ‘Canadian Call of the Wild’ and your ‘Stone Soup’ story. your passion was contagious. Thank you for and awakening of the joys of good food. You gave us a wonderfully humorous and intelligent 60 minutes

Jan BarrettPresident

I want to thank you once again for your great presentation at the Christmas luncheon last Friday. Needless to say, the event was a great success. The attendance was stunning (well over double last year) and I’m sure that was largely due to the attractiveness of your presentation.. Congratulations! Your presentation had a brilliant mix of humour, information and heart-felt sentiment. Your use of props was great fun too – even the coffee! I look forward to working together in future.

Leon Clarke – CPA AustraliaEvent Executive