My world has been transformed after meeting Sherry Strong. For the first time ever – I actually know what it means to love and care for my body, to a point where weight does not matter, and I feel “healthy”. I also can’t believe how well my children eat and how keen they are to try new foods these days. I am enjoying my time in the kitchen again after years of feeling like it’s a chore to prepare meals. It seems that I have finally switched on and realised that you really are what you eat and that the most important job I have as a mother is to nourish my family well – because how they are fuelled has such an impact upon every other aspect of their lives. There is no chore in that for me now – only pleasure and the chance to challenge myself with my creativity. Over the years I have spent a lot of time and money in trying to solve the nutritional maze, but thanks to Sherry’s remarkable RTF philosophies and the subsequent journey I have undertaken with her, the confusion has been lifted and food is fun again.

RTFA Bowen retreat was a space to personally rejuvenate and enhance my cooking skills in a safe, fun and nurturing environment – allowing inspiration and clarity from the beautiful surroundings and loving energy of other mindful foodies to flow!