Thank you for presenting over the 2 days of our Reach leaders camp. Coming from a professional sports background and working with young people I know getting young people to eat healthily is a hard task. Young people today think they’re eating well but are very unaware of what they are really eating and how it impacts their bodies, now and in their future. They don’t have the same motivation as athletes so it is tough getting them to understand the point in going to the effort. What you managed to do today was make them realize that their bodies do matter. You managed to communicate a powerful message to them more effectively than the professional athletes they have been exposed to. It helps that you live and breathe what you are talking about and everyone responded to your easy to live by balanced approach that doesn’t take enormous sacrifice. You just gave them choice and let them make the decision. You are clearly passionate about what you are doing. Your ability to connect to a tough audience is extraordinary.