The Bowen retreat was the most ground-breaking journey of self-discovery for me. My self-confidence increased tremendously throughout and after the retreat. Any fears and doubts that I had still lingering as to whether this is what I want to be doing disappeared as I learned more in class and in the kitchen.It was by far the greatest hands on, experiential and thoroughly nourishing learning experience.

This was the best week of my entire life. I came away a new person. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and to have this opportunity to work with you and share what I am learning from you with others.

From the first time I saw your clip in the Wheel of life documentary I have wanted to share your philosophies with anyone who will listen and I really do feel it should be shared with the masses and I am going to take great pride in spreading the word and teaching it.You are changing the world one foodie/coach at a time and it is going to be amazing and I am so proud to be a part of it all.

I believe the retreat alone is worth paying $3000.00 – $5000.00 – with all that goes into planning and making it all happen it is probably worth more than this”

Gina Sauer
Gina SauerReturn to Food Coach

My world has been transformed after meeting Sherry Strong. For the first time ever – I actually know what it means to love and care for my body, to a point where weight does not matter, and I feel “healthy”. I also can’t believe how well my children eat and how keen they are to try new foods these days. I am enjoying my time in the kitchen again after years of feeling like it’s a chore to prepare meals. It seems that I have finally switched on and realised that you really are what you eat and that the most important job I have as a mother is to nourish my family well – because how they are fuelled has such an impact upon every other aspect of their lives. There is no chore in that for me now – only pleasure and the chance to challenge myself with my creativity. Over the years I have spent a lot of time and money in trying to solve the nutritional maze, but thanks to Sherry’s remarkable RTF philosophies and the subsequent journey I have undertaken with her, the confusion has been lifted and food is fun again.

RTFA Bowen retreat was a space to personally rejuvenate and enhance my cooking skills in a safe, fun and nurturing environment – allowing inspiration and clarity from the beautiful surroundings and loving energy of other mindful foodies to flow!

Roz Mcmahon
Roz McMahonReturn to Food Coach

I am sitting here on my patio one of my favourite places where I am overcome with emotion after finishing module 3. The Return to Food program and you feels to be 100% divinely orchestrated!I wanted to write you privately to say thank you. It is evident that you are following your hearts calling and I am beyond inspired by this course.

Chancey Dawn
Chanci DawnReturn to Food Coach

Sherry Strong’s Return to Food program is excellent! It’s very comprehensive video format is great to follow and work through systematically, but also at your own pace. Sherry’s dynamic, informative, and serving nature brings the philosophical approach to food to the forefront, showing how this is the way to make lasting changes to the way you eat.

She shows you how to dig deep into your mind and heart to get to the root of your food choices, and she shows you how to hypernourish not only your physical being, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual being. The course gives you the tools and strategies to succeed in your relationship with food, and if you wish, with your clients, and other aspects of your life and your life’s calling. It’s amazing to be part of a community of people with similar interests going through their journey as well, I can honestly say I’ve seen my own evolution and that of others in the group. If you’re not sure if this program is right for you, just do it! You’ll soon realize you made the right choice!

Karen Porter
Karen PorterReturn to Food Coach - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I cannot say enough about how amazing this program is. I am so excited for the growth, transformation & passion that is coming out of the amazing group of women that I have the privilege of spending my month around. The hub of this growth is of course, Sherry- she has created a space where we feel safe to shining with our true colours, be honest with our emotions & to be perfectly imperfect (on a moment to moment basis). Minimizing nutritional confusion, learning how to speak professionally and believing in living your passion and being successful.

Chloe Elger
Chloe ElgarChloe’s Countertop Blogger

I’m so glad that I met Sherry earlier this year and found Return to Food. Sherry will leave you feeling inspired about your own wellness journey and excited to help others find their path in a non-judgemental and loving way.

Ashley Joyce
Ashley JoyceReturn to Food Coach - Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Return to food takes you on a journey of self discovery and self love, you will come out of it with so much love for yourself, the world around you and how you do life. People around you will be declaring “I’ll have what she’s having!” Return to food teaches you how to nourish yourself, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well. It teaches you how to find your way to health and there is no need to measure and read and calculate. Just eat, enjoy, feel great and repeat. I haven’t felt this good about myself ever.

Gina Sauer
Gina SauerReturn to Food Coach

Finding Sherry and the Return to Food program was quite literally an answer to prayer for both my life and business. It took me on a nourishing journey mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and I have walked away with an undeniable calling to be part of the Return to Food Movement. Return to Food is and will continue to impact people’s relationship with themselves, their food and the environment and I feel eternally blessed to have found it!

Chancey Dawn
Chanci DawnReturn to Food Coach

Hi Sherry, thank you for the message. I am really enjoying this outstanding program, – I’m loving it and learning so much. Thank you!

Brenda BrooksHolistic Nutrition Student

I’d like to mention that I did a lot of catching up on the program this weekend as I had a lot of time to myself, and I have to say that I have never ever participated in such a complete program with so much valuable information. I’m so glad to be a part of this. It’s really amazing.

Caroline Lambert
Caroline LambertHolistic Nutritionist

You managed to communicate a powerful message to them more effectively than the professional athletes they have been exposed to. It helps that you live and breathe what you are talking about and everyone responded to your easy to live by balanced approach that doesn’t take enormous sacrifice.

Jim StynesLegend and Brownlow Medallist

They LOVED the cooking demonstration, particularly with the involvement of Daniel and Brian and the smell of the cooking food directly before lunch!

Linda MorrisonLonsdale Financial Group Ltd

You captivated the audience … they were hanging on your every word … we are looking forward to having you present in the upcoming months.

Kristi Russell – FostersExecutive Development CUB Finance

Sherry was awe-inspiring and really funny, relevant to us both personally and professionally, informative, motivating, practical and entertaining.

Lisa Cahill – The Body ShopNational Retail Manager

Your professionalism and commitment to providing a first class presentation made our event successful as well as enjoyable… lively, entertaining and motivating session.

Anne Shields – OricaOccupational Health Consultant

Brilliant session. in your presentation you were most giving in sharing of your personal story, your hints and instructions on good eating, your delicious food samples and the recipes which made for a well rounded presentation

TelstraExecutive Support

Sherry’s presentation made the effort to get out of bed more worthwhile. Sherry is an excellent speaker – intelligent, witty and logical.

Kate Wilkins – CPA AustraliaMember Relations Executive

Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense and so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.

W. Brett Wilson

What I got through Jiivala was clarity in lifestyle design, and the know-how to create a solid future on my own terms.

Lara-Dawn Stiegler

I learnt that knowing myself shapes my holistic venture, my brand or my truth relates to how I translate this knowledge in the market place.

Rachel Greenwood

Jiivala graduates lead with their hearts, teach from experience, and will empower positive change in the lives they touch.

Sam Dobo

….she has really made it so understandable how being simple and eating food that is good for you is actually returning to nature and we love that philosophy – it is our philosophy!

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

The great thing about Sherry, is that she really understands the whole other side, so that you can get it through this concept of understanding the toxicity – the process….she has really made it so understandable how being simple and eating food that is good for you is actually returning to nature and we love that philosophy – it is our philosophy!

Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

I have watched Sherry on the platform and it changed my strategy for good health. We hear lots about improving our lives by eating better but rarely are we moved to take action. Sherry through a wonderful fun loving and informative presentation engages the audience, plays with them, and brings them to a place of actually wanting to improve their own lives, Watch and listen to Sherry and it will improve your life

W Mitchell

Sherry is very creative onstage and her ability to use humour to reinforce her message and put her audience at ease is top notch, she is consistently able to get me to laugh out loud at her stories and improvisational interactions with the audience. As a speaker Sherry is one of the best I have heard, she has a passion for her subject, a new and original message and a very fun style that I know your audience will enjoy and get great take home value from.

Tim Gard

I also saw Sherry Strong present for the first time. Man…she is great! The delegates also loved her. She should be included in every conference where there is an emphasis on health and well-being. The audience hung on every word about nutrition. She has such great content re the C-AP we are eating and I’m sure she changed peoples’ behaviour that day. Her style is very natural and being Canadian she understands the Australian sense of humour and had a lot of fun with the audience. I saw a demonstration cooking segment with a member of the audience and then her keynote. Lots of sound info, excellent credentials, great props and support material…very engaging.

Robyn Moore

Thank you for presenting over the 2 days of our Reach leaders camp. Coming from a professional sports background and working with young people I know getting young people to eat healthily is a hard task. Young people today think they’re eating well but are very unaware of what they are really eating and how it impacts their bodies, now and in their future. They don’t have the same motivation as athletes so it is tough getting them to understand the point in going to the effort. What you managed to do today was make them realize that their bodies do matter. You managed to communicate a powerful message to them more effectively than the professional athletes they have been exposed to. It helps that you live and breathe what you are talking about and everyone responded to your easy to live by balanced approach that doesn’t take enormous sacrifice. You just gave them choice and let them make the decision. You are clearly passionate about what you are doing. Your ability to connect to a tough audience is extraordinary.

Jim StynesLegend and Brownlow Medallist

Sherry will change your life. She is her message. She will show you the way to health, energy and happiness and will do it with integrity. Her generosity of spirit, her love for her clients and her hard earned wisdom have changed the lives of many

Paddy SpruceAustralia’s authority on “The Art of Influence”

Jiivala has given me the confidence to take charge of my life and my destiny. Before Jiivala I was a student seeking guidance. Under Sherry Strong’s mentorship I found my calling and am now excited working toward my dreams creating my own business and seminars already. Jiivala graduates lead with their hearts, teach from experience, and will empower positive change in the lives they touch.

Sam Dobo

I originally took the program for the cooking, thinking the business portion was just something I’d have to endure. I quickly realized, however, it was quite the opposite. For the first time in my life, I was excited by the prospect of turning my passion for writing into a career. In one sentence, Sherry Strong not only educates, she empowers.

Marcie Larson-Fossen