Secrets to Surviving the Silly Season Successfully

Its that time again where we head full steam ahead toward New Years Eve as if what we don’t achieve, who we don’t catch up with or finalize before the stroke of midnight December 31st, means failure. It is also the time that we tend to start to eat more accelerating into full on gluttony until we spiral down the leftovers trail as of Boxing Day. Then there are the pressures of shopping for gifts, sending out cards, cooking masses of food and spending time with people because we feel obliged to rather than really want to be with.

I hear you, the pressure is amazing and the truth is, it does not have to be this way. This season can be just as sane as you wish it to be depending on the choices you make. So I’ve compiled some suggestions that you may find useful, recipes you may find helpful, if not delicious and thoughts for you to ponder.

Fun or Contribution?

I once heard emotional intelligence could be identified in children by offering them two lollies and telling them when you leave the room and then return 15 minutes later if they don’t eat the lollies they would get three more. (kind of like the Biblical parable of the talents) The child that eats the lollies…