Invite to the ‘What if’ movie Premier

I have some exciting news that I have to tell you about. I have been working with over a dozen other experts in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality and personal development on a new documentary film that is just about to be launched.

It is called “The Wheel Of Life” and it is going to be huge.  In fact, the “buzz” is already building fast.

If you enjoyed “The Secret” or “What The Bleep”, you’ll love “The Wheel Of Life”.
The website is so new that only a few “insiders” know about it, but here’s where the trailer has just been posted – check it out here

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What does Sustainable living, Slow food and TED have in common and why should we care about it?

I had another great opportunity to speak about Natures Principle when I was invited to the Sustainable Living Festival (16-17 Feb). The festival promotes the concepts about the importance of using the resources of our planet wisely and in a fashion that is lasting (sustainable). As with Sustainable Living, the central idea of Natures Principle is harmony, however, not just on a global scale with respect to resources, but rather the harmony that we can achieve by eating food in the context of it’s bio-availability (For more info about my concept of Natures Principle apart from public speaking engagements, the tentative publishing date for the book is in September).