Buy The Julienne Vegetable Slicer on

Buy The Julienne Vegetable Slicer on

Add Raw Vegetables to Your Diet and Spiral Zucchini Into Pasta in Seconds! Easy to Use Food, Fruit & Cheese Grater. Enjoy Healthy Eating, Love Your Diet and Lose Weight Fast with This Mandoline Plate Vegetable Tool. Warranty Included!

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The great thing about Sherry, is that she really understands the whole other side, so that you can get it through this concept of understanding the toxicity – the process….she has really made it so understandable how being simple and eating food that is good for you is actually returning to nature and we love that philosophy – it is our philosophy!


Jiivala has given me the confidence to take charge of my life and my destiny. Before Jiivala I was a student seeking guidance. Under Sherry Strong’s mentorship I found my calling and am now excited working toward my dreams creating my own business and seminars already. Jiivala graduates lead with their hearts, teach from experience, and will empower positive change in the lives they touch.


Sherry has helped me recover from a surgery that I had…..the important thing is I wanted to have super nutrition at that time, to make me heal faster…I feel fantastic, I eat real clean normally, but this is a totally different level and the taste is absolutely phenomenal, she is the best chef in the world…watch full video testimonial here.


Working with Sherry Strong has helped me to become more conscience of what I am putting into my body through food and the beauty products I use. For years I have been so focused on my outer image that I failed to recognize that with each “diet” I attempted and dropped, I was causing damage to my inner spirit and physical well-being. I think my favorite part about NOT dieting but instead eating for health is I am not focused on the scale and I have said good bye to calorie counting and reading labels for fat content and fiber content etc….whole foods don’t need labels so the confusion is no longer there.